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Fiona's Story

Fiona is a precious little kitten with multiple health problems.  I rescued her from a cat hoarding situation in the area.  She has serious digestive problems, dwarfism and lack of growth which was all due to inbreeding.  There is no allopathic treatment for her problems and most veterinarians would suggest euthanasia.  

I started working with her holistically using homeopathic treatments and I am happy to report that she is doing much better.  She has a long way to go, but her health is slowly improving and she now has a quality of life here at Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary. 

Please watch the video below for Fiona's amazing story. 


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Holistic Medicine: 

An Integral Part of Life at Healing Hope


The goal and mission of treating cats at Healing Hope is to incorporate both allopathic medicine and holistic medicine to get the most options and benefits for healing our felines. Each case is treated individually with a unique plan of medication, herbs, homeopathy, supplements and diet. Ms. Rockshaw tries to use the least invasive and most effective forms of treatment. For instance, a cat with parasites can easily and most effectively be treated with allopathic worming medications.  

However, in the case of chronic diseases, the choices are not so simple. Cases of hyperthyroidism for instance have varied treatment options. One would be an allopathic medication that causes side effects in many cats. Another option would be radiation treatment that is curative but is extremely expensive. In cases like this, homeopathy is then used, as it is safe, effective and very inexpensive.

Ms. Rockshaw: “Any longer, I cannot imagine treating animals or people without the benefits of homeopathy, herbs and supplements. I will never discount the use of surgery and antibiotics as these, too, can be life saving. However, it is clear that well researched and good holistic medicine can cure or greatly help many chronic and acute disease states more effectively and in a less costly manner.


Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar, uneducated and skeptical about this sort of healing. They are not informed about the tremendous amount of history and research that has gone into homeopathy, or the use of various herbs and supplements. There is so much poor quality and quick-fix information about holistic healing modalities on the internet that people tend to either dismiss it all as quackery or have very wrong ideas about what are truly medically sound holistic healing methods.

I really invite people to learn more and not to dismiss some wonderful means of healing their beloved animal companions. Remember when we treat our animal companions, there is no placebo-effect. If incorrect treatment is used you will see nothing or a worsening of symptoms; if a correct remedy or treatment plan is used, you will see a great improvement at a very deep level. Holistic medicine does not treat symptoms, we treat to cure or permanently improve. And if done correctly, homeopathy, herbs or supplements are extremely safe.”





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