Healing Hope 
Cat Sanctuary 

A Haven for Unadoptable  
and Special Needs Felines 
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Our help and support team:

Dr. Tom Saunders


Dr. Tom Saunders of the Golden Lantern Animal Hospital in Dana Point, California, has been helping the cats of Healing Hope Sanctuary since 1997. He is a 1980 graduate of UC Davis Veterinary School.

Ms. Rockshaw: “I am very grateful for the help and support of Tom Saunders for so many years. I have learned a great deal about allopathic medicine from working with him, thus helping me to treat the cats better. In addition, his generosity of time and compassion is unsurpassed. Medically I find him to be an excellent surgeon and diagnostician. Tom Saunders combines the perfect blend of science, intuition and compassion in his practice. I cannot thank or recommend him highly enough!”


Thank you Dr. Tom!


We are extremely grateful to the Petco Foundation for all their generous donations and grants. This year (2013) we were awarded a Captial Grant in the amount of $11,000 towards the purchase of a vehicle. (Our car had completely died and we had no funding to make such large purchase.) Since our sanctuary and rescue work cannot function without a reliable vehicle this grant literally saved our entire sanctuary operations from stopping. 

The Petco Foundation
is extremely          
generous in helping rescue organizations all around the country with grants and
donations for food, operations, medical expenses. They also partner/sponsor many adoption events and project

We particularly want to thank the PetCo Unleashed store in San Clemente  (Norma Bran,

 manager) for their help and support in numerous way, including a $500 gift certificate and a
variety of other donations. Thank you!


Additional big “thanks” go to:

Jaye Brown:

A wonderful, kind soul from Tustin, CA, who has donated tremendously to our cause. Many times it has been her generous donations that have kept this sanctuary afloat. Thank you so much Jaye!


Pet Project Foundation (PPF) – This is the volunteer group that keeps the San Clemente and Dana Point Animal Shelter going. This extremely motivated, dedicated and well-organized group of volunteers has made all the difference in how the animals at this city shelter are treated. In addition to providing a large group of volunteers to walk dogs, foster animals, socialize with cats, their enormous fundraising efforts are the financial sustenance of this city shelter. They have been extremely helpful to me in many ways, allowing me to continue on with my rescue and sanctuary work.


Kristen Marcucci and Frank Filipponio:  

For donating their time and professional photography to Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary. (You can view more of Frank's professional photography at www.frank4cars.com)  They are also helpful in organizing our yearly calendar, with the cat pictures they have photographed.

Constance McClin (and husband Robert):

For helping organize garage sales and other fundraising projects. Robert, was also our 2012 Santa at the Petco Pet Photos with Santa event.

Pets Plus (Pico and Ocean Hills locations):

For donations of premium food

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