Healing Hope 
Cat Sanctuary 

A Haven for Unadoptable  
and Special Needs Felines 
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The “Residents” of Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary: 

There are approximately 30 cats at Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary at any given time.  Each cat that ends up here has a special story or a special need. Unlike many public or even private shelters, our emphasis is not on taking in readily adoptable cats or cute, cuddly kittens. Take “Mickey” for instance... 

Mickey is a recent rescue from the neighborhood around the sanctuary. Thought to be feral, Ms. Rockshaw saw something else. She saw a look in his eyes that indicated he had once lived indoors and had just been on the streets too long. To many, his injured ear flaps and scruffy appearance, would have made him appear “ugly” or undesirable. To Kim, he was beautiful and needed a safe haven. 

After trapping Mickey and bringing him to the vet, it was determined he was at least 12 years old. While at the vet's office he was neutered and treated for a dental problem. Gradually Mickey's hardened and fearful exterior began to melt; he learned to trust again. With gentle work and the use of flower essence therapy, Mickey is now allowing pets and affection, eating well and thriving. He is too old and a bit too fearful still to be adopted – nor can he go back on the streets – so he will spend the rest of his life at Healing Hope. 

Mr. Binks
One of our residents that has been helped by the wonders of modern medicine is Mr. Binks. Rescued from one of the feral colonies about 5 years ago, this sweet (and not feral!) kitty was starving and also was suffering from an extensive case of sarcoptic mange. He was treated for this with special shots and due to the serious accompanying infection, needed to be on antibiotics for weeks. Mr. Binks also tested positive for FIV, but is currently a thriving and very healthy senior resident here at Healing Hope. 

Libby (aka “Loco Libby”)

Libby came here from a large kill shelter, with her absolutely healthy and adoptable sister, Lacey.   Libby is handicapped by being partially blind and having neurological problems which affect her personality. Born in the spring of 2009, she is young and otherwise healthy cat.

Though she does not see well, Libby somehow manages to hoist herself up onto the cat trees and also, scoot her
self down, backwards! She loves attention but due to her brain chemistry problems is difficult to handle, hold or medicate. Her crazy, yet often cute antics have earned her the nickname, “Loco Libby.”

Lewis came to Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary in the summer of 2009, at only 2 1/2 weeks. He and his much smaller brother, Teddy, were found in a drain with their whiskers cut.  Being deprived of their mother's milk and possibly from being exposed to toxins in the drain, they developed severe diarrhea. Many medications were tried, and a blended special diet had to be force fed to keep them alive.  Small amounts of fluids were administered so that dehydration would not take over.  Finally a holistic treatment cleared up the diarrhea in a few days.  

Unfortunately having such a rough start, both kittens soon developed a very nasty upper respiratory infection.  Round-the-clock care was given and Lewis (being the stronger and larger kitten) started to respond. Unfortunately, Teddy's infection turned into pneumonia and he had to be humanely euthanized. 

Lewis' rough start in life has left him with some immune problems that need to be constantly monitored and occasionally treated. His charming personality and exhuberance for life seem to override any physical ailments. Named after comedian, Jerry Lewis, his cute and quirky antics certainly remind us of his namesake.  Lewis received a lot of love and was handled so much at an early age, that he has become a very loving, trusting and fearless feline at Healing Hope.    


Sweet, gentle Rudy started his life at Healing Hope thirteen years ago.  He was trapped as a feral kitten, but came around nicely and was adopted to a home with another cat.  When the other cat died, Rudy began having defecating issues regarding the litter box.  The owners were unwilling to work on the issue and returned him to Healing Hope.  Since this return 7 years ago, Rudy has had numerous and somewhat serious health problems develop.

His digestive and pancreatic issues as well as diabetes requires him to have a strict diet of ground turkey with a small amount of one particular canned food. He cannot have any commercial foods without becoming quite ill. He also needs certain supplements and insulin twice day. Because of the diabetes, he sometimes gets a upper respiratory infections. Only holistic treatments help him get out of these times. 

Most of Rudy's ailments are controlled quite well. He is quite happy and content, as he loves being around other cats! 
Rudy is seen here snuggling with another quiet senior resident, Valentino.  Valentino came to Healing Hope on Valentine's Day 2009. 



Benjamin Buddha

Benjamin Buddha Kitty is a portly, 5 year old cat that came to Healing Hope just hours before his scheduled death.  The veterinarian who "rescued" him wanted to euthanize him just because he tested positive for the FIV virus. Except for a few extra pounds he has gained since coming here, he is a healthy, charming fellow that is known to be the "official greeter".


Isaac is a gorgeous Maine Coone mix who came to Healing Hope from a local shelter that was going to euthanize him because he too, tested positive for FIV.  Absolutely one of the healthiest cats ever to come to Healing Hope, Isacc comes in 2nd place for the title of "official greeter".  He's an amazingly beautiful and loving cat who we estimate to be about 12 or 13 years young.


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