Healing Hope 
Cat Sanctuary 

A Haven for Unadoptable  
and Special Needs Felines 
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Volunteer Opportunities at Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary:


It takes 7 to 8 hours a day of hard work (feeding, cleaning, medication, vet trips, pet store trips, etc.) to keep Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary going.  Unlike many shelters with paid staff, we are totally self reliant on the help of dedicated volunteers.  In addition, funds need to be raised in order to survive, and this in itself, is very time consuming.

Here are the ways you can help:

1)  Volunteer at HHCS - Volunteer in person, 2 to 3 hours one morning a week to help clean, medicate and help with hands on care of the cats at our home facility.

2)  Feed the Ferals - Help feed feral cats in the later afternoon or early evening.  This takes about 45 minutes to an hour - one day a week.  (It would be advisable you live in either San Clemente, Dana Point or San Juan Capistrano).

3)  Fundraising - Help us with fundraising efforts.  You can help us in two ways:

   a)  Help organize, work on publicity, find locations for fund raising events or help find sponsors and donors.

   b)  Donate a service or product or help find companies that will donate services or products.  These items can be used for a raffles or silent auctions or they could be donations of product that are in high demand here at Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary.  This includes cat food, litter, etc...please see the wish list in the How You Can Help section on this website.

4)  Foster a Cat or Kitten - Occasionally we get a cat or kitten that is very shy or semi-feral.  Due to time constraints and often lack of space, we cannot spend the time needed to socialize the animal enough to the point that it can be adopted.  If you have a spare room and some time daily to work with a shy feline, it would greatly help.  You would be preventing the cat from living a life on the street, and saving them from potential euthanasia.  If necessary, we can help with food and litter costs.

5)  Handy Man Repairs -  We desperately need help with yard work and minor repairs...especially in the outdoor area where many of the cats are housed.  If you are a handy, hard working and creative and can volunteer even a few hours per month this would be so appreciated.  


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